Additional Services

SpamExperts Anti-Spam

Advanced Spam filtering powered by SpamExperts on Canadian servers!

Using anti-spam rules that are updated constantly by a team of professionals that live, work, and breathe anti-spam. Along with several advanced functions for managing your email flow, and control of your spam intake, specifically for managing false positives, and training false negatives as easily as moving a message between folders in your mail program, as well as an easy to use web interface to monitor your domains spam controls.

Sucuri WAF

The Sucuri WAF (Website Application Firewall) is a proxy that sits in front of your website and filters out bad traffic. Setup with a simple DNS change, you'll get excellent protection from hackers with the bonus option to setup cache for your website as well.

For more information visit their site

Sucuri Monitoring

The Sucuri monitoring offers you peace of mind with third party monitoring of not only your website uptime and malware scanning but also blacklist monitoring.

Sucuri Hack Cleanup
Basic Management

Standard VPS/Dedicated server management, normal priority support.

Advanced Mangement

Custom Setups, clusters, high-priority support.

Additional IP address
SSH/SFTP Backup Space

Space on our backup server for storing backups. Accessible over SSH/SFTP/SCP. Includes 250G of storage with additional space purchasable in blocks of 250G.